IPmitter Features

Wireless IP CCTV - no cabling required

Main USP

Easy Pairing - No laptop required


Long TX Distances up to 1KM and more


and more...

Bridge Mode

Two IPmitter devices can be used in "direct line of sight" to transmit the signal from say an IP CCTV camera back to a NVR.

Repeater Mode

Where direct line of sight is not possible a "middle" IPmitter can be sited (on the corner of a building say) to repeat the signal to the Host IPmitter at the NVR end.

Access Point Mode

AP mode is a quick and fast way of adding WiFi to a cabled network. Providing a great way to connect to your IP CCTV system whilst on-site using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

WEB Interface

For more advanced programming IPmitters have a friendly GUI handy for setting up multiple devices on more complex networks.

Signal Display

Once paired up you can use the built-in LED display to show the signal strength of the IPmitter, a great tool whilst your installing without connecting a laptop.

Scheduled Reboot

The IPmitter GUI allows you to schedule in regular reboots at a convenient time to keep your system working to optimum levels.

A Great British CCTV Brand

A Great British CCTV Brand.